Yes, but no. The number of issues with magnetic card swipes has made us decide that we are no longer going to support them. The number one issue with them is that the ones provided by national organizations are encoded with Type 2 encoding. This means that the magnetic data that is stored on the card has been programmed using a low voltage device. This is the same type of encoding that you would see with hotel keys or parking garages. These have a weak magnetic force therefore the cards are easily corrupted. After numerous complaints about the difficulty to use card swipes, we will no longer sell them, or support them. The software has several places where it is designed to accept one or two-line card swipes. However, this is a legacy code that will never be updated again.


With all of the issues with card swipes, we decided to migrate over to barcodes. With barcodes, the only time the computer will read a value from them is if the barcode is correct. The technology used with barcodes is much more stable than with magnetic cards and has been used across the country by some of the largest shooting organizations. With Shoot Pro all of the shooter reports print with a barcode and we offer the ability to print barcodes for all of the shooters in a tournament. This way after classification all of your shooters have a barcode that you can use to locate them with just a quick scan.