1. Goto ShootingSportsSoftware.com (it is always suggested that you use Google Chrome)
2. Goto My Account
3. Login to your account
4. Goto the downloads page
5. Click View My Downloads

6. Click on Shoot Pro Installer

7. Wait for the download to complete, once complete it should be over 240MB in size (otherwise
you will get an uncommon error see chapter 8 ‘setup is corrupt’)
8. Now Click on the SHOOT_PRO_INSTALLER.EXE file that you just downloaded

9. Windows Defender will say that the application is unrecognized click More Info.

10. Now click Run anyway

11. Windows will now ask you if you want to allow this app if you want to make changes click Yes.

12. Now you will see the License Agreement, please read through it.
13. Once you have read the agreement, and have accepted it click I accept the agreement.

14. Click Next
15. Now you will be asked to choose an installation type select Client Installation

16. Click Next until you see a button that says Install.

17. Click Install, the installation will now start

18. Now the installer will prompt you to restart, select Yes, restart the computer now.

19. Click Finish
20. Now you will need to setup the database pointer file. Open File Explorer

21. In the left hand bar, select This PC

22. Now click on the (C:) drive
23. Find the 3S folder, and double click

24. Find the ShootPro (lowercase) folder, and double click

25. Find the Data folder, and double click

26. Find the Server_HostName.txt file, double click

27. Notepad will now open. Type in the server’s name

28. Click File

29. Click Save

30. Close the window.