In Shoot Pro, we require the date format to be MM/DD/YYYY, as the system libraries we use cannot support international formats. 

In order to set your system to use MM/DD/YYY format

  1. Open settings (Press the Windows key and the I key at the same time)
  2. Click Time & Language
  3. Select Region (if you do not see it please see footnote 1)
  4. Click on "Regional Format"
  5. Select "English Uinited States"
  6. Ensure short date is now set to "mm/dd/yyyy" format
  7. Reboot your computer



#1 if you do not see region in the sidebar scroll down under date & time and find "Date, Time, & Regional Formatting"

#2 If you have already installed 3S and attempted to activate, please uninstall and reinstall (on the server only)